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The CV still lives (just) - A few fun tips

I wrote an article a while back about the potentially premature death of the traditional CV and rather self indulgently requested a time delay on this death! I now realise that rather like King Canute, I can’t hold back water or time (although that would be fantastic!), and that the pace of change in everything we know or do is rather rapid! No doubt this accounts for the resurgence of nostalgia in many aspects of our life (must be something in that…).  I digress however.

So here goes (very much with a “large” tongue in cheek), below are a few reminders / tips for people either still using or creating the prehistoric CV. They might also help or provide some tips for comments made on whatever form the profile of the future (being a futurist is a job now apparently!) takes on, either on good old traditional paper or in cyberspace.

  • I am still to be convinced that we need a full, one page, rather long and perhaps rather wordy paragraph on your many, many related skills and spectacular achievements. We then eventually find your actual name and essential details hidden at the bottom.
  • No - Please trust me from personal misjudged experience, that European style photo doesn’t look like you and indeed was your look alike from c1980! My exhaustive search of Google Images has proven that!
  • Fancy formatting can cause “reader distress” - I am not looking to judge your art skills or looking to assess your obvious talent with a colour palate - although I must admit the sky blue bullet points did look nice!!
  • How is it that you have managed to achieve these billions of ££’s of profit and savings for those twenty or so companies over the last 6 years...??! Maybe look to refine and refresh this a little…
  • Were you really the only person in these rapid growth companies or is that just how it appears?? Multitasking wasn’t listed on your skills I noticed….
  • No - I don’t know what JJB Inc do and how big they are - Please let me know, otherwise I will spend way too much time Googling (other searchy things are available) and getting distracted (always a good excuse to check the sports headlines)
  • Don’t worry about the old 2 page rule, but maybe try and keep it under 10 pages if you can. The old school recruiters (we are an upbeat but mildly resistant bunch!) still like to print them off and the cost of paper at PC World (other paper suppliers are available) is going up and don’t get me started on the price of ink! See earlier comments on CV’s with colours ….. Just stop for my sake!
  • Technical candidates - I am not sure that I need to read through a list of every book or article you have read or written since leaving school. Although I do agree the Famous Five was a cracking set of books..
  • Interests and hobbies - please think before commenting here.  Recent listed interests on one CV of “canary lover” and “avid traveller on local buses”...Skills and interests beyond doubt, but possibly best left off your CV…..

Long live the CV!

Simon is currently President (self appointed) of the Charity “Save the CV”- SCV (currently one member) #SCV

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